Monthly Achievement Guide: January 2014

Once again, we have another easy set of monthly achievements. Four of this month’s achievements can be completed in a few hours in WvW.

Start by entering WvW and follow a zerg around capturing objectives. All objectives in WvW count as events for Monthly Successful Events (100 successful events completed). Along the way, you will most definitely have kiled 60 champion tower lords for Champion Slayer. Also, you should get 50 player kills in one or two huge zerg battles for Monthly WvW Player Kills. Also, you should have levelled up a few times during the road to 100 successful events and these skill points count toward Skill Point Amasser. Make up the remainder of the 40 skill points you need with the Scrolls of Knowledge I told you to save in your bank in previous months. If this is your first visit to this blog, save all Scrolls of Knowledge you obtain from champion loot bags in your bank for monthly Skill Point Amasser and daily Skill Point Accumulator.

Next, for Monthly Dungeon Participation, comlete 10 story or explorable dungeons. These are some easy and quick dungeons:

  • Ascalonian Catacombs path 3
  • Twilight Arbor forward and up paths
  • Citadel of Flame paths 1 and 2
  • Honor of the Waves path 1

Finally, for Monthly Completionist, just complete the daily meta reward on 4 days. Skip Puzzle Jumper if you are not good at jumping puzzles.


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