Monthly Archives: February 2014

Second Ascension

Today I crafted my second set of heavy ascended armor (Ahamid’s/Knight’s), ascended hammer (Knight’s), ascended longbow (Knight’s) and the Shadow of Grenth ascended backpiece for my human warrior, Lorelai Iceblade. I also bought the Molten Dye and Pyre Dye to colour her armor. All in all, I spent close to 1000 gold.



Shadow of Grenth comes with a cool dark mist trail effect when you move.

I retraited from 30/10/0/0/30 dual axes/longbow to 10/0/30/30/0 hammer/longbow for more survivability. Although I cant do 10000 damage criticals now, my survivability has gone through the roof with 27000 health and 3100 armor. Hammer provides a lot of disabling skills so it’s even easier to mitigate damage. I tested it out in Twilight Arbor and it was a resounding success.

Now I have to save up laurels for two ascended rings, two ascended accessories and 15 WvW infusions, which cost 205 laurels, 2125 badges of honor and 100 globs of ectoplasm. I am in the process of farming pristine fractal relics and hoping for a berserker’s ascended ring when I do fractal’s 10-19 everyday at the moment though.




Here is the new redesigned Flamekissed Armor, which is an exclusive gemstore light armor skin worth 800 gems. To be honest, I prefer the old design but I bought it for my elementalist anyway. It goes really well with dark red shades. I’m using Fling, Black Cherry and Midnight Red.



The Flamekissed Armor looks really nice at night or in dark lightning.


The 11000 AP Mark!

Today I reached the 11000 achievement points mark and unlocked the Zenith Kris, a dagger skin. Here’s my necromancer Persephone wielding the Zenith Cesta and Zenith Kris.


On another note, today I also bought my last ascended accessory for my guardian. She is now wearing full ascended gear infused with agony infusions, bringing her agony resistance up to 65. With that, my guardian is complete and ready for high level fractals. For my next project, I plan to start buying and crafting ascended gear for my warrior. However, I will be using WvW infusions for the infusion slots this time because my warrior is my WvW character. I have enough laurels left over to craft a full set of ascended armor, but I’ll wait a few days before changing her build so I can craft the ascended weapons too. I will be switching from dual axes pure damage/burst to hammer control/healing shouts.


Monthly Achievement Guide: February 2014

This month we have a set of the usual straightforward monthly achievements. Simple but boring.

Start by using 40 Scrolls of Knowledge which I asked you to store in your bank. This gets you Skill Point Amasser immediately.

Now for Monthly Successful Events, Monthly Group Event Completer and Champion Slayer, you can either join the champion farming train in Queensdale; or take part in WvW (less reliable depending on your server but you can also complete Monthly WvW Player Kills at the same time). Note that if you choose to join the champion farming train in Frostgorge Sound, you will only progress Champion Slayer as the champions there do not have associated events. Additionally, as of October 2013, only keep and Stonemist Castle capture events count as group events in WvW.

So here’s the most efficient way to get all the achievements. Participate in WvW until you get 50 player kills. Then join the Queensdale champion farming train until you complete 20 group events. Now, every even hour, the Twisted Marionette event will start in Lornar’s Pass at False River waypoint. This is a very good place to get 60 champion kills quickly. Lots of champion watchwork mobs spawn and do not attack you. So just use a character with a lot of AoEs to tag as many champions as possible. It should only take two or three Twisted Marionette events to get 60 champion kills.

Finally, just complete 5 daily achievements a day for four days to get Monthly Completionist.