Monthly Achievement Guide: February 2014

This month we have a set of the usual straightforward monthly achievements. Simple but boring.

Start by using 40 Scrolls of Knowledge which I asked you to store in your bank. This gets you Skill Point Amasser immediately.

Now for Monthly Successful Events, Monthly Group Event Completer and Champion Slayer, you can either join the champion farming train in Queensdale; or take part in WvW (less reliable depending on your server but you can also complete Monthly WvW Player Kills at the same time). Note that if you choose to join the champion farming train in Frostgorge Sound, you will only progress Champion Slayer as the champions there do not have associated events. Additionally, as of October 2013, only keep and Stonemist Castle capture events count as group events in WvW.

So here’s the most efficient way to get all the achievements. Participate in WvW until you get 50 player kills. Then join the Queensdale champion farming train until you complete 20 group events. Now, every even hour, the Twisted Marionette event will start in Lornar’s Pass at False River waypoint. This is a very good place to get 60 champion kills quickly. Lots of champion watchwork mobs spawn and do not attack you. So just use a character with a lot of AoEs to tag as many champions as possible. It should only take two or three Twisted Marionette events to get 60 champion kills.

Finally, just complete 5 daily achievements a day for four days to get Monthly Completionist.


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