The 11000 AP Mark!

Today I reached the 11000 achievement points mark and unlocked the Zenith Kris, a dagger skin. Here’s my necromancer Persephone wielding the Zenith Cesta and Zenith Kris.


On another note, today I also bought my last ascended accessory for my guardian. She is now wearing full ascended gear infused with agony infusions, bringing her agony resistance up to 65. With that, my guardian is complete and ready for high level fractals. For my next project, I plan to start buying and crafting ascended gear for my warrior. However, I will be using WvW infusions for the infusion slots this time because my warrior is my WvW character. I have enough laurels left over to craft a full set of ascended armor, but I’ll wait a few days before changing her build so I can craft the ascended weapons too. I will be switching from dual axes pure damage/burst to hammer control/healing shouts.



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