Second Ascension

Today I crafted my second set of heavy ascended armor (Ahamid’s/Knight’s), ascended hammer (Knight’s), ascended longbow (Knight’s) and the Shadow of Grenth ascended backpiece for my human warrior, Lorelai Iceblade. I also bought the Molten Dye and Pyre Dye to colour her armor. All in all, I spent close to 1000 gold.



Shadow of Grenth comes with a cool dark mist trail effect when you move.

I retraited from 30/10/0/0/30 dual axes/longbow to 10/0/30/30/0 hammer/longbow for more survivability. Although I cant do 10000 damage criticals now, my survivability has gone through the roof with 27000 health and 3100 armor. Hammer provides a lot of disabling skills so it’s even easier to mitigate damage. I tested it out in Twilight Arbor and it was a resounding success.

Now I have to save up laurels for two ascended rings, two ascended accessories and 15 WvW infusions, which cost 205 laurels, 2125 badges of honor and 100 globs of ectoplasm. I am in the process of farming pristine fractal relics and hoping for a berserker’s ascended ring when I do fractal’s 10-19 everyday at the moment though.



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