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An Introduction

Hi. I’m Demi and this is my fourth blog. The first one I got tired of twenty years ago, the second got so many ads and spam that I had to shut it down and the third I, well, forgot the password after I accidentally logged out (I use auto sign in coz’ I’m lazy :P). I’m 24 years old, recently graduated and stuck in a dead-end job I hate. I guess you could classify me as a hardcore gamer, but I also like to read as a side hobby.

So what’s going to be on this blog? Things I find interesting in my life, experiences both in-game and out of game that I feel the need to share, tips and miniguides for certain parts of games that were difficult for me that I feel another person could benefit from, and so on. So basically, anything.

Since I have a (crappy) job now, I won’t be posting as much as with my previous blogs. But I will try and post new content whenever I’m free. Till the next post.