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Monthly Achievement Guide: February 2014

This month we have a set of the usual straightforward monthly achievements. Simple but boring.

Start by using 40 Scrolls of Knowledge which I asked you to store in your bank. This gets you Skill Point Amasser immediately.

Now for Monthly Successful Events, Monthly Group Event Completer and Champion Slayer, you can either join the champion farming train in Queensdale; or take part in WvW (less reliable depending on your server but you can also complete Monthly WvW Player Kills at the same time). Note that if you choose to join the champion farming train in Frostgorge Sound, you will only progress Champion Slayer as the champions there do not have associated events. Additionally, as of October 2013, only keep and Stonemist Castle capture events count as group events in WvW.

So here’s the most efficient way to get all the achievements. Participate in WvW until you get 50 player kills. Then join the Queensdale champion farming train until you complete 20 group events. Now, every even hour, the Twisted Marionette event will start in Lornar’s Pass at False River waypoint. This is a very good place to get 60 champion kills quickly. Lots of champion watchwork mobs spawn and do not attack you. So just use a character with a lot of AoEs to tag as many champions as possible. It should only take two or three Twisted Marionette events to get 60 champion kills.

Finally, just complete 5 daily achievements a day for four days to get Monthly Completionist.


The Origins of Madness: Achievement Guide

Hello again everyone. Looks like living story has started again. This month’s current living story, the Origins of Madness involves two new world boss events that start every two hours on the hour, alternatingly. That means the Great Jungle Wurm world event in Bloodtide Coast starts every odd hour while the Twisted Marionette in Lornar’s Pass starts every even hour. These two world boss events are on par with the new Tequatl the Sunless in terms of difficulty, therefore most of the achievements will not be completable during the duration of this living story. So, we’ll have to make use of daily living story achievements to make up the remainder  of the 11 achievements needed for the meta achievement.

I will not be covering the new Great Jungle Wurm because it is permanent content and there will be plenty of time for future guides and strategies to come up.

First, go to the False River waypoint in Lornar’s Pass at the start of any even hour (12 AM, 2 AM, 4 AM, etc.). If you are in a highly populated world, it is recommended to be there one hour early to avoid getting thrown into overflow. Take part in the Twisted Marionette world boss event. It does not matter if you fail or succeed. You should do this everyday for the Boss Thumper daily living Story achievement.

Next, go to the story instance near Sanctum Harbour waypoint in Lion’s Arch. After that, go to the Durmand Priory waypoint in Lornar’s Pass. Follow this map to Scarlet’s Secret Lair for an achievement and a bag of 10 power core pieces.



Immediately after jumping down from the Durmand Priory onto the snow turn right and enter the cave (it is the same one used for guild rush). Run past the bats and wurms (dodge and use stability) straight to the star which is past a false wall which you can pass through. Now you need to gather 40 more power core peices to make a power core to enter the lair.

In every map except Eternal Battlegrounds, Orr, Southsun Cove and the starter maps, there are energy probes all over the map. The locations of these probes are static so you can camp one if you want; the respawn time after being destoryed is 10 minutes. There will be a set of five to six defenders guarding these probes. Defeat them and the probe will become vulnerable.  Destroy the probe and you can collect one to three power core pieces from it. You should attempt to do this in a party as the defenders are quite strong, being a random set of Scarlet’s minions or alliances. Gather 40 more power core pieces this way and try to destory probes in five different maps (the WvW borderlands maps have probes as well if you are having trouble finding more maps with probes to destroy). Along the way, you will most likely have defeated 50 probe defenders for another achievement.

Once you have 50 power core pieces, use them to make a power core and enter the secret lair. In the lair are 5 chests with LOTS of loot. Also, you have to open each chest at least once to obtain a fragment of Scarlet’s journal to combine into this living story’s souvenir item.Each chest can be opened with the appropriate cypher which is made from 25 fragments of the specific type (Aetherblade, Toxic, Molten, Watchwork, Scarlet). All the fragments except Scarlet’s are uncommon drops from the corresponding alliance type during the Twisted Watchwork portal invasion events. Scarlet’s fragments are rare drops from any alliance type and are very difficult to obtain through the portal invasion events. But by opening each of the other four chests, you will obtain three to six of Scarlet’s fragments so open the other chests multiple times.

Do not expect to succeed at the Twisted Watchwork event if you are in overflow. Just focus on tagging as many mobs as possible for more fragments. A high damage AoE profession is recommended. High armor and health is not necessary as most of the enemies have low health and are killed quickly. You should participate in each lane’s portal invasion at least once for an achievement.

The last easy achievement to get is escorting each of the three Vigil Crusaders to their respective destinations in the pre-event to the Great Jungle Wurm in Bloodtide Coast which occurs every odd hour (1 AM, 3 AM, 5 AM, etc.). Just follow the zerg as they escort the Vigil Crusader  while tagging eggs and mobs. Be careful as the enemies in this pre-event have extremely high damage, armor and health, and cause many conditions including stuns, dazes, knockbacks, launches.  You have to escort all three different paths at least once for the achievements.

Then just make up the remainder of the 11 required achievements with daily Boss Thumper achievements by participating in either the Twisted Marionette or Great Jungle Wurm fight. I recommend the Twisted Marionette because you will have a very low chance of dying and you get lots of fragments for cyphers to open chests (each containing at least two rares and eight masterworks in addition to more fragments and Scarlet’s fragments). However, when the event fails, everyone in Lornar’s Pass at that time will be instantly killed.

Monthly Achievement Guide: January 2014

Once again, we have another easy set of monthly achievements. Four of this month’s achievements can be completed in a few hours in WvW.

Start by entering WvW and follow a zerg around capturing objectives. All objectives in WvW count as events for Monthly Successful Events (100 successful events completed). Along the way, you will most definitely have kiled 60 champion tower lords for Champion Slayer. Also, you should get 50 player kills in one or two huge zerg battles for Monthly WvW Player Kills. Also, you should have levelled up a few times during the road to 100 successful events and these skill points count toward Skill Point Amasser. Make up the remainder of the 40 skill points you need with the Scrolls of Knowledge I told you to save in your bank in previous months. If this is your first visit to this blog, save all Scrolls of Knowledge you obtain from champion loot bags in your bank for monthly Skill Point Amasser and daily Skill Point Accumulator.

Next, for Monthly Dungeon Participation, comlete 10 story or explorable dungeons. These are some easy and quick dungeons:

  • Ascalonian Catacombs path 3
  • Twilight Arbor forward and up paths
  • Citadel of Flame paths 1 and 2
  • Honor of the Waves path 1

Finally, for Monthly Completionist, just complete the daily meta reward on 4 days. Skip Puzzle Jumper if you are not good at jumping puzzles.

A Very Merry Wintersday: Achievement Guide

Since there are so many activities this Wintersday, I’ll just give you a brief guide on what to do for each activity and a few tips for some of the more difficult achievements and you can complete the fairly straightforward achievements by yourselves. To complete the A Very Merry Wintersday meta achievement and obtain the reward (one of five past Wintersday minis or a Generous Wintersday Gift which contains 10 Giant Wintersday Gifts), you need to complete a total of 20 daily Wintersday achievements and achievements from the Wintersday living story tab.

  • Snowball Mayhem

This is an 8 versus 8 team capture the flag game where you have to pick up presents from a middle spawn point and return them  to your team’s drop zone at base. You can choose three different classes each with five different weapon skills so play around and find which one you like best and stick with it. You also have a sixth profession-determined skill that changes based on your current profession. Just try different combinations of professions and classes and have fun. For the Regifter achievement, I used a warrior/scout combination. At the start of the match, immediately Snowblind for swiftess and run to the swiftness power up near your base. Keep running toward the present spawn point. Hopefully you reach there first. Snowblind again and use Rush and dodge all the way back to your base. Snowball Mayhem also counts as an activity for the Daily Activity Participation achievement.

  • Tixx’s Infinitarium

Enter the dungeon alone but do not begin the dungeon. Destroy every piece of breakable diorama for Wintersday Wrecking Ball. This lets you complete this achievement without worrying about foes or party disconnects. Now, exit, find a party and play the dungeon normally. It is the same dungeon as last year’s Tixx’s Infinitarium. When you defeat Toxx and complete the dungeon, you get Honourary Krewe Member.

  • Toypocalypse

Unlike last year, you have to form a party of five before you enter. This is a tower defense game and you have to protect five dolyaks in the centre platform from ten rounds of waves of toys. Toxx will spawn at the end of every alternate round as a boss that is harder to kill than normal toys. Some general tips are:

  1. Equip the toysmasher and destroy diorama for snow and scraps to build siege and defense. Siege kills toys much faster than you can.
  2. Use scraps to only build catapults and never ballista.
  3. Use snow to only build ice walls to block off paths to the centre platform. Building one or two snowmen to slow Toxx is okay but don’t waste too much snow on snowmen.
  4. When Toxx appears, equip the pop cap rifle and snipe Toxx from a distance to deal a lot of damage.
  5. Save hay that spawns between rounds for dolyaks that reach half health. Don’t waste hay on healing nearly full health dolyaks.

You will get Nothing But Broken Toys after surviving 50 waves and Dolyak Defender if you survive all 10 rounds with at least one dolyak still alive.

  • Donation Escort

Donate three silver to Ho Ho Tron or Marcello for Silver for the Season and three gold for Golden Generosity. When the donation bar is full, the donation dolyak will start to move to the Lion’s Arch Gate Hub. You have to protect it from skritt. When skritt attack, it is far easier to just kick them rather than throw snowballs at them. Along the way, the dolyak will drop presents. Pick 25 up for Finder Keepers. At the end of the route, a boss skritt will spawn. Throw snowballs at him until he is defeated. The dolyak will complete its route and you get Donation Defender.

  • Bell Choir

This is a rhythm game like O2Jam or Guitar Hero.Position your camera in a bird’s eye view. When the notes enter the inner blue circle, hit the corresponding skill. If you can’t keep track of all the notes or the harder songs, it is safer to not be greedy and instead focus on 6-8 lines instead of all 10 lines. The notes you hit correctly will heal you for the damage you take for missed notes in lines you ignored. Hit 500 notes correctly for Ringing the Right Notes.

After doing all of the activities, you should have more than 50 gifts to open for Wrapping Everywhere. If you are short, buy some from the trading post. You should also have Toy Quality Control if you personally used a weapon (toysmasher is recommended) to kill 100 toys in Toypocalypse.



The Nightmare is Over: Achievement Guide

For this meta achievement, you need a total of 12 achievements from daily The Nightmare is Over achievmeents and achievements from the Nightmare is Over living story tab. The meta reward is a crappy Tricolor Key, but let’s just do it for the achievement points.

The first time you enter Kessex Hills after this latest patch, you will automatically be transported to The Nightmare’s End story instance. Talk to Marjory. Interact with the Antitoxin Injector and later interact with the Vine Passage (hold CTRL and rotate your camera if you can’t find it). You will enter a room with four puzzles. There are two achievements for this part.

  • Nightmare Terminator: Choose all combat options for the puzzles. Be warned that several foes will spawn for each puzzle so prepare accordingly before triggering the combat option. You will then get this achievement when you finish the story instance.
  • Nightmare Euthanizer: Solve all puzzles. A guide to the puzzles written by Duffy can be found here: http://dulfy.net/2013/12/10/gw2-the-nightmares-end-scarlets-puzzle-guide/ .

You can only get one of the two achievements the first time you finish the story instance. Then, you have to go back to Thinder Ridge Camp and talk to Marjory’s Assistant Dee to replay the story instance and finish it a second time using the path you did not do the first time. Completing th story instance the first time also gets you Nightmare Ender.

Next, for Aftermath Treasure Hunter, you need to open the Tricolor Chest five times. If you didnt have any Tricolor Keys left, buy three fragments a day from Dee and open it everyday until you get it.

Your next stop is Viathan Waypoint at Viathan Lake. Here, you have to follow the zerg around completing 10 Viathan Lake events for Aftermath Viathan Cleaner. Only the toxic alchemist, toxic spider queen and toxic wurm queen count as Viathan Lake events. Killing each champion also gets you Aftermath Toxic Counteragent, Aftermath Arachnicide and Aftermath Vermicide accordingly.

After getting each of the last three achievements, you unlock a corresponding achievement.

  • Aftermath Toxic Counteragent unlocks Aftermath Detoxifier. At the moment this is bugged.
  • Aftermath Arachnicide unlocks Aftermath Cobweb Cleaner. The toxic spider queen frequently puts players who have aggro in cocoons. These cocoons break in 3-4 hits so be quick to target them when you see them. It is easier to do this offpeak with less than five people in a zerg to spot the cocoons more easily.
  • Aftermath Vermicide unlocks Aftermath Shockwave Jumper. You need to jump over (not dodge) the line shockwaves released by the toxic wurm queen. She will bow her head to the ground just before she does this attack so spam jump when you see this. It is easier to do this with a small zerg stacking in one spot so that whoever the shockwaves target will hit all players and allow all of them to get credit by jumping.


Monthly Achievement Guide: December 2013

It’s Christmas month! Okay, let’s get down to business. This month’s achievements can be completed within a span of 12 hours. Follow these steps.

  1. Start by doing your daily achievements (at least five for the daily reward). This will contribute toward Monthly Completionist, so you will need to do your dailies another 3 more days to complete it (you should be doing them everyday anyway). After salvaging blue and green equipment dropped from mobs while doing daily achievements, save all the essences of luck you obtain. These will be used later, do not use them each individually.
  2. Go to WvW and follow the zerg around until you get 50 enemy player kills for Monthly WvW Player Kills. Whenever you encounter enemy zergs, spam AoEs as widely as possible to tag as many players as possible. Do not chase off after individual enemy players on your own, this will get you killed. Use siege engines such as arrow carts and ballistae if available. Along the way to 50 player kills, you should also have captured a few objectives and contribute toward Monthly Successful Events and Champion Slayer. Remember to hoard essences of luck.
  3. Unfortunately, after the recent patch, objectives in WvW no longer count as group events. Therefore, we’ll have to get them via champion trains. Join the Frostgorge Sound champion train until you have 40 monthly champions slain. This requires a level 80 character. If your character is below level 80, refer to the next step.
  4. Champions in Frostgorge Sound are not associated with a group event. So, join the Queensdale champion train for 20 group events involving champions to complete Champion Slayer and Monthly Group Event Completer at the same time. Keep hoarding those essences of luck.
  5. Now, use artificing crafting discipline to refine essences of luck (10 luck) into 50 luck (masterwork), then 100 luck (rare) and finally 200 luck (exotic). That should get you more than 60 masterwork or higher crafted items for Monthly Masterwork Crafter. This can be done at artificing level 0.

Skip Puzzle Jumper. It is not worth the time or effort.


Monthly Achievement Guide: November 2013

Okay so this month’s achievements are all familiar so I’m just going to lay down the quickest route to getting your monthly meta-achievement as well as finishing up any outstanding achievements if you want the extra achievement points.

Firstly, do your daily meta-achievement (complete five out of the 12 possible daily achievements). You should be doing this everyday so just do complete four daily meta-achievements to get Monthly Completionist.

Next, remember how I advised you to stockpile salvage items in your bank? With no Monthly Salvage Kit Usages for the past two months, you should have more than 500 salvage items (possibly more, I had 1700 earlier this morning) sitting in your bank waiting to be salvaged. Buy 20 basic salvage kits and salvage 500 salvage items to get Monthly Salvage Kit Usages. Remember, use only basic salvage kits to save costs. Since salvage items do not have upgrade components and don’t yield essences of luck, it is a waste of gold to use any salvage kit higher than basic. You could use crude salvage kits, but you would have to buy more and the difference in cost from buying basic salvage kits is negligible.

Now, to kill three birds with one stone, go to WvW and follow a zerg around capturing objectives. All WvW objectives whether capturing, defending and sometimes even escorting count as events. Towers, keeps and mercenary camps each contain one champion. So if you spend a few hours in WvW, you can finish Monthly Successful Events (100 successful events, failed events do not count), Champion Slayer (60 champions killed) and Monthly WvW Player Kills (50 enemy invaders killed in WvW). It is advised to bring a high level character with access to high damage AoE skills to make it easier to get 50 enemy invader kills quickly.

If you’re bored of WvW or your server is naturally weak at WvW, you can join the champion farming train in Queensdale or Frostgorge Sound (level 75+). This alternative will let you complete Champion Slayer quicker but Monthly Successful Events slightly slower. Also, you will not get progress toward Monthly WvW Player Kills in PvE. If you have a level 75+ character, it is more profitable and quicker to complete these two achievements in Frostgorge Sound as the champion train route there has more champions than in Queensdale.

Now we come to the two hardest achievements this month. Fractal Frequenter requires you to complete 10 fractals. Everytime you enter a fractal, you’re actually join a set of three fractals (odd-numbered difficulty scales) or four fractals (even-numbered difficulty scales). If you back out halfway during the set, you will not be able to increase your personal reward scale. However, that is a different story as our target here is just completing 10 fractals. The quickest way to complete 10 fractals is to participate in 4 level one fractal sets (each level one fractal set has three fractals). However, that would not be very profitable so it is up to you to weigh whether completing this monthly achievment quickly is worth giving up some loot and character rewards.

Lastly, we have Puzzle Jumper which requires you to complete 12 unique jumping puzzles. Note that they must be unique, completing the same jumping puzzle multiple times does not give any more progress than the first time. If you have a mesmer friend who is good at jumping puzzles, you may try to attempt this. If not, ignore this achievement. However, be on the lookout for mesmers shouting about giving free portals to jumping puzzle chests in map chat and you may get a few jumping puzzles completed by the end of the month.

On a side note, this is a picture of the Krait Obelisk Shard you get as the meta-reward for completing the Tower of Nightmares meta-achievement. It acts as a one-time skill point and a place of power to charge quartz crystals once a day. Also, its a really nice piece of furniture for your home instance. 🙂


Mad King Says… This is For You!

Mad King Thorn has started his hourly rounds of Mad King Says at the Grand Piazza in Lion’s Arch. To participate, just be at the Grand Piazza and you should see a Mad King Says dynamic event on the right of your screen if the event is up.  Do what the Mad King commands you to by typing in the appropriate emote. For example, if the Mad King says ‘COWER!’, type /cower. There is a catch, if the Mad King begins his sentence with anything other than ‘The Mad King says…’ and you type the appropriate emote, he will get angry and tell you off. Nevertheless, how accurately you follow his commands just determines the credit you get from the event Even getting bronze credit will earn you the Mask of the Night skin, as modelled below by my guardian.


You can play Mad King Says repeatedly and win multiple copies of the Mask of the Night skin.


Tower of Nightmares: Achievement Guide

Okay this latest living story’s achievements may look deceivingly painful, but it actually isn’t (if you know what you’re doing). I finished all 11 achievements in slightly less than 8 hours. Let’s get started.

Firstly, you need 14 achievements from a combination of daily living story achievements and Tower of Nightmares achievements. Since there are only 11 Tower of Nightmares achievements, you need to complete at least three additional associated daily living story achievements to obtain the meta-achievement. Depending on your level and profession, as well as your game experience, you may want to complete more daily living story achievements as some of the Tower of Nightmares achievements can only be done on a high level character.

Start by entering Kessex Hills. If your character is higher than level 25, you will automatically enter the single-player story instance. Just proceed with the story and fight off numerous Toxic Alliance foes (comprising of krait and Nightmare Court). These Toxic versions of the Nightmare Court are significantly tougher to kill as when you defeat them they go into downed state and should be finished off with a finishing move before they can rally. The Toxic versions of the krait are just insanely buffed krait with access to more AoE conditions than their normal counterparts. Be warned that at the end of the instance you will face a champion toxic krait (with the help of two allies). Try to keep your allies alive as long as possible as they will draw aggro away from you. I’m not sure if the instance scales with level since I entered with a level 80 and all the foes were level 80 as well. Nevertheless, it is advised to take your higher level character, preferably one with decent condition removal and survivability. Finishing the instance completes A Nightmare Unveiled.

Next, you will be transported to the normal version of Kessex Hills. Talk to Priory Arcanist Dolja (marked with a blue-green shard icon on the map) to get a Krait Obelisk Shard Transcriber. Follow Duffy’s incredibly helpful guide to the locations of the 24 krait obelisk shards all over Tyria with this link: http://dulfy.net/2013/10/29/gw2-toxic-krait-historian-achievement-guide/. Most shards are underwater, but a few are on land and some even high up on krait towers. They are all marked with a blue-green shard icon over them (not marked on the map) and these icons can be seen from quite far away. Just pan your camera around when you’re in the vicinity. Also take note that each of these shards are guarded by one toxic krait and one veteran toxic krait, and often located in areas with plenty of nearby hostile foes. It is advised (but not necessary) to bring a friend or party along when finding the shards in higher level maps. Transcribing all 24 shards gets you a rare scroll of knowledge (gives five skill points) and Toxic Krait Historian.

Now, complete 25 Toxic Offshoot events (marked with an orange flower icon on map) in Kessex Hills, Caledon Forest, Metrica Province, Brisban Wildlands, Queensdale, Gendarran Fields or Eternal Battlegrounds. Toxic Offshoot events come in three types: golem, powder keg and mortar. For the golem type, you need to escort a golem to an offshoot and protect it while it destroys the offshoot. For powder keg type, you need to pick up bombs from three nearby Whispers agents and plant them at the base of the offshoot. Note that you cannot pick up bombs if the Whispers agents are dead so revive them quickly and protect them. For mortr type, you have to keep up to three mortar agents alive until they destroy the offshoot. You will definitely do at least three of each event type in 25 events so don’t bother hunting for each type specifically. Visit Kessex Hills, Queensdale, gendarran Fields, Caledon Forest and Brisban Wildlands and complete at least one Toxic Offshoot event in each. Then, to complete the remainder of the 25 events quickly, Kessex Hills is the recommended map as it has the fastest event respawn timers of all the above maps. Doing the above gets you Toxic Weed Whacker, Toxic Siege Gardener, Toxic Demolitionist Gardener, Toxic Golem Gardener and Toxic Global Gardener.

After each Toxic Offshoot event is completed, remember to gather at the harvesting node left behind at the orange flower icon. After 25 events, you should have more than 50 Pristine Toxic Spore Samples to turn in to Marjory (gold star icon on Kessex Hills map) for Toxic Spore Sampler. If you’re lacking a few, buy some off the trading post or do a few more Toxic Offshoot events.

By now you should have more than 100 Toxic Alliance kills for Toxic Alliance Slayer. If you still lack some kills, here’s a tip. Not only Toxic foes count for this achievement. ALL krait and Nightmare Court foes count, including the low level ones in Caledon Forest. There are a lot of easily farmable Nightmare court at the Twilight Arbor waypoint.

Now for the last two achievements. For Toxic Spore Cleanser, the easiest way I managed to get 25 corrupted champion kills is to do the champion train in Queensdale for approximately 4 hours. Only champions and veterans with the Toxic Corruption condition count toward this achievement, and everytime a champ spawns, there is only a small chance that it will have that condition. Some champions seem to have it at a higher percentage of the time, but it is all random so be patient.

For Krait Bane, you have to defeat the krait witches in Caledon Forest, Kessex Hills and Timberline Falls. You have to defeat each of them at least once, defeating the same krait witch multiple times does not progress the achievement. I advise you to guest on a high population server and tag along with people to kill these champions as hardly anyone does them.

Candy and More Achievements

Today I finished the last few Blood and Madness living story achievements. When you complete the meta achievement, you get a mini candy corn elemental and unlock three additional achievements.



Before you head to the Haunted Nolani Waypoint in the Black Citadel to finish up your achievements, make sure you have at least five candy corn in your inventory. It is also recommended to be in a party with at least two other full damage buit members. Head to the star icon on the map and talk to Tessi to begin the fight. When the Bloody Prince appears and turns red, stand next to him and quickly eat five candy corn. This should cause you to become sick and puke on Thorn, giving you the Upset Stomach achievement.

Now, to defeat Thorn, you have to stand in the pink glaze puddles that Tessi shoots on to the floor. This will allow you to damage Thorn. If you are not standing on a glaze puddle, your attacks will do 0 damage to Thorn. Occasionally, Thorn will vanish and summon minions. Stand in the glaze puddles to do double damage to these minions and kill them to get Thorn to reappear. Defeating him in less than a minute gets you Beaten Bloody. Watch the cutscenes and complete the instance to get You, Back in the Box! and a candy corn node in your home instance. Your personal candy corn node seems to give double the amount of candy corn than a regular candy corn node and can be mined once a day all year.



With all the achievement points I got from this living story, I finally reached 7000 achievement points. I picked the Zenith Short Bow this time.